The Making of A Mentor: Anthony O’Flynn

May 01, 2018 - by Fletcher Rowe - in 30 Under Thirty, Anthony O'Flynn, Best Residential Broker, Luke Harborne, Mortgage Broker, Rising Stars, Young Guns

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Fletcher Rowe | May 1 2018

It’s no secret that success within any industry, and indeed life, hinges not only on the knowledge and expertise of those around you, but the creation of a nurturing environment that allows you to thrive.

To recognise a tremendous year for IFA, in which our team received numerous awards and accolades recognising their personal and professional growth, Anthony O’Flynn and Luke Harborne sat down with Annie Kane on The Adviser’s latest Elite Broker Podcast.

The success of our team can be put down to the mentorship, leadership and support provided by Anthony over the past few years, and in this episode, Anthony discusses the influence he has had on Luke as a junior broker, and how he became a leader in his field over 17 years in banking and finance.

You can also listen to the podcast on iTunes.

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