Lenders’ Limelight Marks Luke’s Lucky 7

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Fletcher Rowe | February 1 2018

The mortgage broking industry is no place for the faint-hearted. A broker is entrusted with the handling of what is usually the single largest financial transaction of any person’s lifetime, having the nous to navigate the complex and  often nonsensical world of banks and their policies.

Equally burdensome can be finding someone you trust to take on this responsibility; someone who will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable, relieve the inevitable stress that comes with buying property (or as much as is possible!), and ultimately become the person to whom you hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars and back them to make the best decision for you.


Harborne (centre) at The Adviser’s Rising Stars awards night last December, alongside the IFA M&F team; Fletcher Rowe (left) and Anthony O’Flynn (right). Source: The Adviser Magazine, 2017


Which is why we were so proud to hear of our youngest team member, Luke Harborne, who is making waves in an industry that has never been so competitive.

Harborne, a relative newcomer to the industry, is considered a “Rising Star” in the profession; a result of countless hours of hard work and willingness to put the needs of his clients over his own.


“[Luke] has motivated me to be a better broker and has re-energised me to continue to expand our up-and-coming business.”

Anthony O’Flynn – Director, IFA Mortgages & Finance


This has been solidified over recent weeks, being recognised amongst his peers for some of the most prestigious industry awards.

Harborne was announced at 7th position in The Adviser magazine’s 30 Under Thirty awards at a December ceremony, which recognises young brokers with under two years of industry experience. This Australia-wide award places Harborne firmly in the “elite” category of young brokers, despite being just the second-youngest member on the list.

Further, Harborne also received the honour of being entitled one of MPA’s Young Guns for 2018, which recognises the esteem with which Harborne is held in the industry. The award recognises Harborne’s ongoing success in exceeding client-driven benchmarks, while also acknowledging recommendations from bank staff and colleagues.

Harborne’s boss, and director of IFA Mortgages & Finance, Anthony O’Flynn (pictured above), was eager to lay praise on his junior protégé.

“Bringing Luke on as a full-time broker has been a godsend this year,” Anthony told MPA. “What he envelopes is a youthful exuberance which I hadn’t even noticed was missing from the business until I saw it in him. Personally, it has motivated me to be a better broker and has re-energised me to continue to expand our up-and-coming business.”


Harborne’s awards mark the pinnacle of the industry for junior brokers.


Harborne himself was very pragmatic when discussing the emergence of his standing in the industry, acknowledging that this would not be possible without a wonderful client base alongside him.

“Mortgage broking is an industry in particular where you are so reliant on delivering high quality outcomes for existing clients. No business would get very far by just throwing dollars into advertising to promote the brand; the recipe for us has been doing everything in our power all the way through from the first appointment, to the time where their loan balance is paid down to zero.

“If we can exceed expectations at every step, we are confident that our name is the first one brought up when they are discussing finances with friends at that Sunday barbecue. I think these awards exemplify just how important that is in this day and age.”

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